ARCHER Image competition 2019 terms and conditions

  1. The promoter of the ARCHER Image Competition is the ARCHER CSE Team.
  2. The competition is open to all ARCHER users. ARCHER staff members directly involved with the competition administration or judging are not eligible to enter.
  3. All entrants are required to provide their ARCHER username for validation purposes.
  4. Entry to the competition is free.
  5. The competition opens on 21 August 2019. The closing date is now extended to midnight on 15 October 2019. The ARCHER CSE Team reserves the right to extend the duration of the competition if necessary.
  6. The total prize fund is £550.
  7. Entries will be judged on their visual impact, public appeal and ability to convey the impact of ARCHER on scientific research. The entries will be judged alongside the extended caption putting the image into context. Judges appointed by ARCHER CSE Team will nominate the winning entries and their decision is final.
  8. Please complete the ARCHER Image Competition 2019 submission form and then send in your entry by email to, attaching your image and/or including the url where we can download your video.
  9. Entrants may submit up to five entries.
  10. All entries must demonstrate "ARCHER enabling research".
  11. Images must be in a digital format (for example jpg). Ideally images should be at a minimum of 300dpi and between a minimum file size of 5MB and a maximum file size of 25MB. Images can be downsized for submission but winners will be required to provide a high-resolution version of their submitted image. Images that are nominated for a prize in any other major photo competition are not eligible.
  12. Videos must be in digital format (for example mp4 or animated .gif). They should be no more than one minute long. Please also include one still image from the video for use as a cover image. Videos that are nominated for a prize in any other major competition are not eligible.
  13. Winner will be chosen and announced in November 2019 and prizes will be awarded thereafter. Winner will be contacted directly by email.
  14. Winning entrant will be required to supply their image or video in a high-resolution format for print and publicity purposes.
  15. Entries submitted by disc are not permitted.
  16. Submissions that, in the sole discretion of the judges, are considered inappropriate or unsuitable for publication will be deemed ineligible and removed from the competition.
  17. Images that do not conform to the image or abstract specifications will be rejected.
  18. Copyright of the entire image (before and after any manipulation) must be held by the entrant. The ARCHER CSE Team reserves the right to request confirmation of copyright.
  19. All entrants must submit a jargon-free extended caption of maximum 150 words putting the image into context. The caption must be comprehensible to the lay reader and will be taken into consideration by the judges when making their decision.
  20. The ARCHER CSE Team reserves the right to use all submitted images, including those not chosen to win prizes, in promotional materials without further permission from, or providing payment for use to, the entrant. Credit will be given to the entrant if reproduced. Entrant will retain copyright.
  21. By entering this competition, if your entry is deemed eligible, you consent to the use of your name, biographical information, winning entry and any statements attributed to you, or photographs of you taken subsequently, being used for promotional purposes without additional compensation to you. As such, you hereby grant to the ARCHER CSE Team a non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to reproduce works based on your submission without any obligation to compensate you.
  22. The ARCHER CSE Team does not accept any liability for lost, damaged, delayed or incomplete entries.
  23. You represent and warrant to ARCHER CSE Team that:
    1. you are the sole and exclusive owner of your submission, or that you have all right and authority to grant the rights in the submission to ARCHER CSE Team described herein;
    2. you have obtained any and all releases necessary from all persons (or their legal guardians) depicted in the submissions.
  24. Images or videos taken in public spaces do not require release from background people/subjects.
  25. All entries should be accompanied by an entry form, image caption and short 150-word extended caption describing the image and research behind it ensuring the caption is written for a lay audience using plain English and avoiding jargon.
  26. Entrants must declare if images have been manipulated (for example modified in Photoshop) and are requested to provide details of when and where the image was taken and the camera, equipment or software used to take or generate the image.
  27. By entering the competition, entrants agree for their work to be publicly displayed in online galleries and web pages.
  28. The judges are subject to change without notice at the sole discretion of ARCHER CSE Team.
  29. Winning entries may be used in national coverage, and press may wish to contact winners following announcement of the winners.
  30. Entrant retains copyright of the image submitted but will be required to check with ARCHER CSE Team before using the image elsewhere to avoid conflicts of interest.