Planned and At-Risk Maintenance Sessions

During an At Risk period the service will still be open to users but work will be undertaken. There is a small, but finite, chance that the work being undertaken will affect normal operation and users should bear this in mind when using the service during these times.

Upcoming Maintenance

Please see the ARCHER public calendar for a list of planned maintenance work:

Effects on User Jobs

Prior to full maintenance sessions the queues on ARCHER are drained to ensure that no jobs are running when the system is shut down. The exception to this are the low-priority queues where it is the user's responsibility to ensure that any jobs have completed prior to a shutdown. If you have large, short jobs to run you may find that you get good turnaround prior to a maintenance session when longer jobs are being held.

Work Undertaken During Maintenance Sessions

Regular maintenance sessions are used to ensure that:

  • software versions are kept up to date;
  • firmware levels on Cray and third-party peripheral equipment are kept up to date;
  • essential security patches are applied;
  • failed/suspect hardware can be replaced;
  • new software can be installed;
  • periodic essential maintenance on Cray's electrical and mechanical support equipment (refrigeration systems, air blowers and power distribution units) can be undertaken safely.

Additional maintenance sessions can be scheduled for major hardware or software updates; major upgrades to facility plant and infrastructure; acceptance testing following major service upgrades and statutory electrical testing.