Online ARCHER Training

There are a number of ways that you can access ARCHER training materials online if you cannot attend the ARCHER training courses in person.

Course Materials Repository

Material from previous face-to-face ARCHER courses is available in the Course Materials Repository. This typically includes PDF copies of all the slides and exercise sheets, source code for the exercises and any solutions provided.

Virtual Tutorials

Material from the ARCHER webinars is available from the the Virtual Tutorials and Webinars page. This typically includes video recordings of each online session and a PDF copy of the slides.

YouTube Channel

All video recordings related to the ARCHER service are available on the ARCHER YouTube Channel. This also includes a number of short videos covering specific topics such as using the ARCHER SAFE.

Specific Courses

We have collected together relevant material for a number of core topics.

Scientific Computing

Video recordings of the four afternoon sessions introducing HPC

Message-Passing Programming with MPI

Introduction to ARCHER

This material givese details on the ARCHER hardware and software environment, and assumes familiarity with general HPC concepts (e.g. as covered in Introduction to HPC below).




These videos are recordings of the five lectures above.

These videos are recordings of ARCHER Virtual Tutorials covering relevant topics.

Introduction to HPC

This material covers topics relevant to HPC and Parallel Computing as a whole, although ARCHER is often used as a specific example.
All material comes from a run of the Hands-on Introduction to HPC course, held at EPCC in summer 2016.

Note that, even if you are unable to run the practical examples on ARCHER, the exercise sheets have useful general information on how to use HPC systems (e.g. compilation and job submission on ARCHER) so are worth reading in their own right.

All the example codes should be easily portable to other systems with appropriate changes to Makefiles and batch submission scripts. If you have any questions, please contact the


See this playlist on the ARCHER YouTube channel which is a complete recording of the course.


Slides are available from the Past Course Materials Repository.


Exercises are available from the Past Course Materials Repository.