ARCHER Community

The whole ARCHER community, including users and service providers, can make ARCHER useful and productive by engaging in an open community where expertise and knowledge is shared as widely as possible.

This part of the site provides information on the different ARCHER initiatives to foster this community.

ARCHER Technical Forum

The ARCHER Technical Forum is a place where users, service staff and external experts can interact and share knowledge and experience.

The Technical Forum comprises a set of monthly public meetings conducted using a web-based collaboration tool and a mailing list open to all interested parties.

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Cray Centre of Excellence for ARCHER

The Cray Centre of Excellence (CoE) for ARCHER is a project to engage with ARCHER's users to allow them to maximise their use of Cray technologies.

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HPC Scientific Advisory Committee (HPC SAC)

The HPC Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) meets every six months and represents the HPC user base and ensures that ARCHER meets the current and future needs of the research community.

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Embedded CSE (eCSE) programme

Through a series of regular calls, Embedded CSE (eCSE) support provides funding to the ARCHER user community to develop software in a sustainable manner to run on ARCHER.

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