ARCHER Community

The whole ARCHER community, including users and service providers, can make ARCHER useful and productive by engaging in an open community where expertise and knowledge is shared as widely as possible.

This part of the site provides information on the different ARCHER initiatives to foster this community.

ARCHER Performance and Benchmarking

To help users understand how their science may perform on ARCHER and other systems we have undertaken a range of benchmarking activities and published the results.

ARCHER Benchmarks
A set of large scale benchmarks (both application and synthetic) developed by the ARCHER CSE Service at EPCC in collaboration with the user community to represent typical use of the system. This page decribes the benchmarks and the results obtained so far.
ARCHER KNL Performance Reports
The ARCHER CSE Service and user community have compared the performance of standard ARCHER compute nodes to that of the ARCHER KNL System. This section contains the performance reports from these studies for a range of applications.

Cray Centre of Excellence for ARCHER

The Cray Centre of Excellence (CoE) for ARCHER is a project to engage with ARCHER's users to allow them to maximise their use of Cray technologies.

More information on the Cray CoE for Archer …

HPC Scientific Advisory Committee (HPC SAC)

The HPC Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) meets every six months and represents the HPC user base and ensures that ARCHER meets the current and future needs of the research community.

More information on the HPC SAC…

Embedded CSE (eCSE) programme

Through a series of regular calls, Embedded CSE (eCSE) support provides funding to the ARCHER user community to develop software in a sustainable manner to run on ARCHER.

More information on the eCSE programme