ARCHER Software Catalogue

The software catalogue provides an automatically updated list of the software available on the system along with information on the current default versions and historical records of which versions were defaults in the past.

Access the ARCHER Software Catalogue

Scientific Software

The ARCHER Service includes a number of centrally installed scientific software packages maintained by EPCC staff.

A list of this software with details of how to access it and run jobs (including example job submission scripts) is available in the Software Packages Documentation.

As the Service progresses, this information will be expanded with details on compiling the software and hints for getting the best out of the software on ARCHER.

Application Development Environment

The application development environment includes a number of different compilers, parallel programming models, numerical/IO libraries, debuggers and profiling tools. In short:

  • Compilers - Cray, GNU, Intel
  • Parallel Programming Models - MPI, OpenMP, SHMEM, CAF, UPC, and more
  • Libraries - BLAS, LAPACK, BLACS, ScaLAPACK, FFTW, PETSc, NetCDF, HDF5, and more
  • Debugging Tools - DDT, Cray ATP, GDB
  • Profiling Tools - CrayPAT

For more information see:

Parallel Application Placement

Cray ALPS is used to launch and place parallel processes and threads. This provides fine grained control over which nodes and cores process and threads run on.

Job Submission System

ARCHER uses the PBS Pro job submission system.

Operating System

The operating system is Cray Linux Environment (CLE).