Getting Access to ARCHER

There are specific allocation mechanisms for requesting ARCHER time via the ARCHER partner research councils EPSRC and NERC as detailed below. For researchers in other areas, please get in touch with your research council if you would like to use ARCHER.

The ARCHER User Support Team are available to offer advice and assistance to any prospective users and can offer guidance as to what is the best route of access( or further contact details can be found here.

A completed Sample Technical Assessment (TA) form can be found here. The ARCHER CSE team are happy to provide assistance with completing the forms.

Simple Access Mechanisms for New Users

Open ARCHER Calls

A list of any currently open calls through which you can apply for access to ARCHER.

Note: access via standard grant applications is always open via standard research council routes and is not listed in this table. Please see below for more information on these routes.

Call (Web Link) Closing Date TA Receipt Deadline Notes TA Form Link
Instant Access Always Open Always Open EPSRC Remit only, 1,200 kAU (80,000 CPUh) maximum, 6 months maximum Instant Access TA Form
Leadership Projects No Call Open No Call Open No calls planned for 2017. EPSRC and NERC Remit. Leadership/Grant/RAP TA Form
RAP: Access to ARCHER No Call Open No Call Open No further calls planned. EPSRC remit only. Leadership/Grant/RAP TA Form
RAP: Top-up of ARCHER Resource No Call Open No Call Open No further calls planned. EPSRC remit only. Leadership/Grant/RAP TA Form

ARCHER Access Routes

In addition to the simple mechanisms given above, there are multiple access routes to ARCHER:

ARCHER Specific Calls: RAP and Leadership Projects

ARCHER specific calls are periodically opened by the research councils. The current calls are listed in the table at the top of this page. These calls are generally for computing time and storage space only and cannot fund any other expenses.

No further RAP or Leadership calls planned for ARCHER.

EPSRC RAP (Resource Allocation Panel) Calls

EPSRC RAP calls are genrally opened three times a year for requests for large allocations on ARCHER for projects in EPSRC remit. The RAP also approves requests for top-ups to current ARCHER allocations for standard EPSRC grants.

RAP allocations provide access to ARCHER for a maximum of 1 year. There is no limit on the number of CPUh (measured in kAU) that can be applied for through RAP access. However, applicants should note that there will be up to a maximum number of kAU available to award at each panel, subject to the quality of the proposals. You may also apply for storage capacity at the Research Data Facility. Applications through the RAP are for compute and storage only. Applicants must make sure that any related expenses such as staff time are covered by other means.

More information on RAP Access...

How to Apply For Top Up Resource via The EPSRC RAP

Access to the national high performance computing resource can be allocated as part of EPSRC grants at the time of award. Initially only 3 years of resource are granted at which point, grant holders are invited to apply for a top-up to meet the objectives of their EPSRC grant.

Applicants to this call can request ARCHER compute resource only to facilitate the remainder of their existing EPSRC grant. The number of CPUh requested must be fully justified in the application and reasonable in view of the original allocation and remaining duration of the project. The maximum eligible time period is two years. For longer grants, multiple top-ups are possible. Please note that the panel may recommend a reduced allocation if a request appears to be unfeasible or unjustified.

Applications will not be considered where the previous resource allocated to the applicant has been exhausted due to mismanagement or to undertake any work outside the scope of the original grant.

As with all applications to the RAP, only ARCHER computing resource can be applied for. This does not include staff time and other resources, which should be covered by the existing grant.

More information on RAP Access...

ARCHER Leadership Projects

These are calls for applications for direct access to the UK's national supercomputing facility ARCHER for computationally intensive individual projects (>100,000 kAU or 6,666,667 CPUh on ARCHER) for a maximum of 24 months, from academic and non-academic research groups. The resource is for pre-competitive research only and the research area must lie within the remit of either the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) or the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). This call is for compute resource only, including core Computational Science and Engineering support as provided by the ARCHER Service to all users. However, no additional support for staff or consumables can be applied for. Thus applicants must demonstrate substantial high performance computing expertise within their team in order to be considered for funding.

More information on Leadership Projects...

Access Through EPSRC Grants

On J-eS, access can be requested by choosing ARCHER from the drop down list in the Research Council Facilities section for a standard EPSRC grant application. Please add the requested resource in kAU as "unit" and the notional cost in £ as "cost". Reasonable ARCHER allocations are awarded for a 3 year period in the first instance, after which the applicant can apply for a top-up resource via the Resource Allocation Panel (RAP). A completed Grant/RAP Technical Assessment (TA) must be uploaded as one pdf through Je-S, selecting the document type "Technical Assessment".

EPSRC operate a 6-monthly alloction period policy for access on ARCHER. The total number of CPUh (measured in kAU) awarded is broken down into 6-month periods that span the length of access to ARCHER that has been requested (e.g. if you have requested 1 year of access in total then the kAU will be split into two 6 month periods). Applicants specify the period profile on the TA form when they apply for access.

EPSRC period allocations are enforced on ARCHER in the following way:

  • Any unused allocation at the end of a period is lost
  • You cannot move kAU (CPUh) between different allocation periods

Access Through NERC Grants

NERC applicants should also add ARCHER as a facility in the standard application, contact the relevant NERC consortia leader and check the current NERC policy on access. Full details are on the NERC website. If more than 160,000 kAU (10,666,667 CPUh) are required in any one year, the NERC HPC 'New' Form should be submitted with the standard JeS application.

Applicants in the NERC remit wishing to access ARCHER via the NERC route must contact the relevant consortia leader for advice.

EPSRC Instant Access

As a pump priming opportunity for new HPC users, EPSRC offer instant access to ARCHER for a limited number of CPUh (measured in kAU) over a six month period. This mode of access should give new users the opportunity to test ARCHER for their purposes and work towards a fully peer reviewed application, either via a standard grant or via the Resource Allocation Panel. An extension will only be granted in exceptional cases.

Apply for Instant Access...

Access Through the EPSRC/NERC Scientific Consortia

EPSRC and NERC fund a number of large consortia that bring together computational scientists working in a particular scientific area. These consortia have large allocations of time on ARCHER that they can distribute out to their members.

If your research is within the remit of a consortia this is often the simplest method of getting access to ARCHER.

Each consortium has its own way of applying for access and allocating time. The ARCHER Scientific Consortia pages have more information on the remit of the individual consortia and their contact details.

ARCHER Scientific Consortia...

Access through the ARCHER Driving Test

The ARCHER Driving Test allows those new to ARCHER to demonstrate that they are sufficiently familiar with ARCHER and HPC to start making use of it.

This scheme is intended to promote access to HPC to new users and communities who would not otherwise be able to gain initial experience on HPC systems.

ARCHER Driving Test...

Access Through Grants with UKRI

UKRI access depends on the remit of the science in the application:

Access Through Grants with Other Funding Bodies

If eligible, access costs for ARCHER should be included in the grant application on basis of the rate for non-partner organisations. Prior to applying for the grant, a completed Grant/RAP Technical Assessment (TA) must be submitted to the ARCHER helpdesk ( to ensure the project is technically suitable to run on ARCHER and to confirm the resources required to include in the grant application. Once the TA review is completed it will be sent by the ARCHER Helpdesk to EPSRC for approval.

For any questions, please contact EPSRC, the ARCHER Helpdesk and/or the funding body of your choice before applying.