Essential Skills

This page provides links to material to develop the base skills people may need to exploit ARCHER as fully as possible.

Currently, this only covers the Linux command line but we are will continually add material to this page covering other useful topics.

Linux Command Line

Using the command line effectively can make a huge difference to your day-to-day usage of ARCHER. The resources below should help you improve you use of the command line.

Codecademy: Learn Linux Command Line

Codeacademy have a free online basic Linux command line course. This covers the basic use of the command line taught in a practical way in your browser. This is the best place to start if you have little or no command-line experience.

Linux Quick Reference Sheet

Linux Quick Reference Sheet

A brief guide to basic shell commands. Includes examples for core utilities, text editors and PBS functions.

Linux on ARCHER - some hints and tips

Accessing large amounts of file meta-data (file size, file type...) can be slow on the /work Lustre file systems. For this reason, avoid using commands which depend on this meta-data unless it isactually necessary.

For example:

ls -l
ls --colour=auto

will run much more slowly than a simple


ARCHER Screencast: Finding Linux Help and Documentation from the Command Line

Finding Linux Help and Documentation from the Command Line