Tuesday 11th July 2017

At-risk Maintenance: Wednesday 12 July

A reminder that there will be At-risk maintenance on ARCHER Wednesday, 12 July, 09:00 17:00

Webinar: Version Control, Wednesday 19th July 1500 BST
Arno Proeme, EPCC

Version control tools such as Git and SVN allow us to track changes made over time to files like source code and scripts, including by different people, and to merge these changes in a systematic way. They are therefore an invaluable tool for software development and related workflows. This virtual tutorial will explain the main models underlying a wide range of version control tools and will illustrate these through live demonstrations using Git and SVN.

This tutorial should prove useful to researchers already using a version control tool but uncertain of the underlying model and therefore occasionally unsure of what the tool is doing or how to get it to do what they want, as well as to researchers who are trying to decide which version control tool to choose to use in the first place to fit their needs. It should also be of interest to those who are simply trying to get a better general understanding of version control systems.

Further details can be found at: Virtual Tutorials and Webinars

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