Call for RAP Applications: ARCHER and ARCHER Top-up

The RAP (Resource Allocation Panel) ARCHER and ARCHER Top-Up Summer 2017 Calls are now open.

ARCHER RAP: Summer 2017 Call

EPSRC offers access to ARCHER through calls for proposals to the Resource Allocation Panel (RAP). Users can request significant amounts (>1,000kAUs or >66,667 ARCHER core hours) of computing resource over a maximum one-year period. The aim of this call is to provide access to our national state-of-the-art high performance computing facility for proposals of high scientific quality that would benefit from ARCHER.

A non-exclusive list of eligible projects include:

  • Short computational projects that do not warrant a full grant application
  • UK led collaborative projects with international and/or industry partners
  • Joint applications from students (as Co-I) with proven HPC experience (e.g. a successfully completed instant access project) and their PIs
  • Projects that link consecutive standard grant applications or that aid the preparation of a grant or fellowship application
  • Extended feasibility studies and trialling application developments at scale

Further information can be found on the call page:

ARCHER RAP Top Up: Summer 2017 Call

Access to the national high performance computing resource can be allocated as part of EPSRC grants at the time of award. However, initially only two years of resource are granted at which point, grant holders are invited to apply for a top-up to meet the objectives of their EPSRC grant. Applicants to this call can request ARCHER compute resource only to facilitate the remainder of their existing EPSRC grant.

Key Dates

  • Technical Assessment: submitted to ARCHER Helpdesk by 21 Sep 2017
  • Call Closing Date: Applications submitted by 12 Oct 2017
  • Panel Meets: Nov 2017
  • Earliest project start: Nov 2017
  • Latest project start: Dec 2017