Tuesday 21st August 2018

ARCHER and Tier 2 RAP call now open

We are please to inform you that the EPSRC Autumn 2018 ARCHER and Tier 2 RAP calls are now open:


Tier 2 -

Both calls have a closing date of 09 October 2018 at 16:00.

Module changes - Autotools

The default autotools module will be changed from autotools/1.14 to autotools/1.16.1_build2 during the At Risk session tomorrow, Wednesday 22 August 2018.

The GNU Build System (Autotools) provides the autoconf, automake and libtool commands, used to create the configure script and Makefile for GNU packages (and others). The system-provided Autotools are adequate in many cases but we provide modules with newer versions for packages that require them. The module version corresponds to the automake version; see the module help for the versions of the other commands. autotools/1.14 has a dependency on the pcre module (module load pcre, then module load autotools/1.14) and autotools/1.16.1 has a version of pkg-config that does not work with the compiler wrappers, so a new build of the latest Autotools has been made, in autotools/1.16.1_build2.

ARCHER Image and Video Competition 2018

The ARCHER Image and Video Competition is open now, with your chance to win prizes of £150 for each of:

  • Best Image
  • Best Video
  • Best entry from an Early-career researcher

Plus a bonus prize of £100 for the best overall entry from the above three winners.

Show us how you demonstrate "ARCHER Enabling Research".

Full details and entry form at

Closing date : 16th September 2018

Science Case for ARCHER 2

EPSRC have recently published the Science Case for ARCHER2 and made it available on their website. It contains a lot of case study material and helps demonstrate that the research run by users on UK HPC infrastructure is important to the UK and UKRI in making the case for future investments.

The Science Case can be found at:

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Registration open now

  • Shared-Memory Programming with OpenMP, Imperial College London, 13-14 Sept 2018
  • Scientific Programming with Python, Durham, 17-18 Sept 2018
  • Data Carpentry, Swansea, 20-21 Sept 2018

Full details and registration at