Tuesday 4th September 2018

ARCHER Webinar : Benefits Realisation

Wednesday 12th September 15:00 BST

Lorna Smith, EPCC

The eCSE programme has allocated funding to the RSE community through a series of regular funding calls over the past four to five years. The programme has funded RSE's from across the UK to develop and enhance software for the UK's National HPC Service, ARCHER and for the wider computational science community. The programme is funded by EPSRC and NERC and understanding and quantifying the benefits of the eCSE programme is key to justifying the expenditure on the programme and to securing future funding.

We have identified a set of benefits associated with the programme and developed procedures to measure and showcase these benefits. One component of this has been to develop a process to measure and quantify the financial return on investment, based on performance improvements to the code and on post project utilisation figures. This form of financial benefit is an important one, forming part of a portfolio of benefits, benefits that include scientific improvements and achievement.

OpenMP Online Training Course

This online course will run over four sessions on consecutive Wednesday afternoons, starting on Wed 24th October with the last session on Wed 14th November.

Almost all modern computers now have a shared-memory architecture with multiple CPUs connected to the same physical memory, for example multicore laptops or large multi-processor compute servers. This course covers OpenMP, the industry standard for shared-memory programming, which enables serial programs to be parallelised easily using compiler directives. Users of desktop machines can use OpenMP on its own to improve program performance by running on multiple cores; users of parallel supercomputers can use OpenMP in conjunction with MPI to better exploit the shared-memory capabilities of the compute nodes.

This course will cover an introduction to the fundamental concepts of the shared variables model, followed by the syntax and semantics of OpenMP and how it can be used to parallelise real programs. Hands-on practical programming exercises will be included, with access to HPC provided for the duration of the course.

Full details and registration at

ARCHER and Tier 2 RAP call now open

We are please to inform you that the EPSRC Autumn 2018 ARCHER and Tier 2 RAP calls are now open:


Tier 2 -

Both calls have a closing date of 09 October 2018 at 16:00.

ARCHER Image and Video Competition 2018

The ARCHER Image and Video Competition is open now, with your chance to win prizes of £150 for each of:

  • Best Image
  • Best Video
  • Best entry from an Early-career researcher

Plus a bonus prize of £100 for the best overall entry from the above three winners.

Show us how you demonstrate "ARCHER Enabling Research".

Full details and entry form at

Closing date : 16th September 2018

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Registration open now

  • Shared-Memory Programming with OpenMP, Imperial College London, 13-14 Sept 2018
  • Data Carpentry, Swansea, 20-21 Sept 2018
  • OpenMP, Online, Wednesday afternoons 13:30 24th October - 14th November
  • Parallel Design Patterns, University of Oxford, 6-8 Nov 2018
  • Message-passing Programming with MPI, Newcastle, 28-30 Nov 2018

Full details and registration at