Policy on end of life procedures for ARCHER user accounts and projects

This page describes what happens when an account or project is no longer required on ARCHER, or a user leaves a project. These situations are most likely to come about during one of the following three scenarios:

  1. The retirement of project (usually three months after project end)
  2. A PI tidying up a project requesting the removal of user(s) no longer working on the project
  3. A user wishing his/her own account to be removed

For each user account involved, assuming the relevant consent is given the next step can be summarised as one of the following actions

  1. Removal of ARCHER account and deletion of all data from the account
  2. The re-owning of the ARCHER account within an ARCHER project (typically to PI)

To carry out either A or B above requires bi-lateral consent: If a PI requests an account is removed or re-owned, the relevant user will be informed and has the chance to state an objection. An account can only be re-owned within an ARCHER project. Likewise, if a user requests an account is deleted, the PI will be informed and has the chance to object (or the opportunity to request re-owning instead). In either case a time limit of 2 weeks will be given for the user/PI to raise an objection. Any objection will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis involving the PI. If no objections are raised within the time limit, the re-owning or deletion will occur.

When a project is due to end, users will receive notification of the closure of the project and its accounts 3 months before the accounts are due to close. Reminders will be sent to users 1 month before the accounts are due to close with a follow up 2 weeks before the accounts are closed.

The above procedure deals primarily with ARCHER accounts. If a user also has data on the RDF then

  1. if the ARCHER account is deleted, the user's RDF data is left intact and the user still has access to the RDF via the DTN nodes, administered via the SAFE and still remain part of the original ARCHER project
  2. if the ARCHER account is re-owned then so is the RDF account and all its data