SAFE acceptable use policy

When you sign up to the SAFE you will need to agree to the following acceptable use policy.

  • Your use of SAFE and any HPC service you gain access to via SAFE must conform to the Janet acceptable use policy Do not use them for any activity that may reasonably be regarded as unlawful or potentially so.
  • The HPC services will have their own acceptable use policies which you must also adhere to.
  • You should provide accurate information when registering with the SAFE and (while you remain a user of the system) keep this information up to date when your details change.
  • Your SAFE account is for your personal use only, you should not allow others access to the account or to the credentials you use to log in. Keep your login credentials secure. If you have any reason to suspect these have been compromised, you should either contact us or change them immediately.
  • You should not have multiple active SAFE registrations at the same time. If this happens accidentally contact us and we will be able to merge the registrations.
  • Do not apply for HPC service access on behalf of other people.
  • If you manage a project within the SAFE then, to allow you to do this, you will be given access to some personal data about members and applicants to the project. You are legally required to obey the relevant data protection legislation and not use this data for other purposes.

If you have any questions, please contact The ARCHER Helpdesk.