Apply for Instant Access to ARCHER

As a pump priming opportunity for new HPC users, EPSRC offer instant access to ARCHER for a limited number of CPUh (measured in kAU) over a six month period. This mode of access should give new users the opportunity to test ARCHER for their purposes and work towards a fully peer reviewed application, either via a standard grant or via the Resource Allocation Panel RAP). An extension will only be granted in exceptional cases.

You can apply for a maximum of 1,200 kAU (80,000 CPUh) over a six month period to test the national HPC service for your work. An ARCHER Instant Access Technical Assessment Form shouldbe completed by you and sent to the ARCHER Helpdesk at

The CSE provider will evaluate the technical feasibility of the projects, while EPSRC will ensure that the work lies within its remit.

These short projects are not evaluated further, unless an extension is required.