ARCHER Champions

Aim: To create a network of ARCHER Champions that would look to:

  • Provide a support network between staff members whose role involves advising users on access to local, regional and national HPC resources.
  • Help to promote a coherent access structure to HPC resources across the UK, with coordination between tiers.
  • Support and promote activities designed to provide career development to research software engineers seeking a career in HPC.
  • Support and promote activities to broaden the UK HPC user base to new disciplines and communities.
  • Participate in ARCHER Champions Workshops communities.
  • Promote common training material and techniques.

An ARCHER Champion is:

  • An individual within a regional or national centre (or institution with equivalent resources) who is engaged in: advising users on the access of appropriate computational resources: and in supporting these users to access and exploit these resources appropriately.
  • A research software engineer located within a consortium or equivalent group of HPC users. They would act as a champion within their consortium - providing advice on support mechanisms, obtaining training in appropriate HPC technologies and HPC career development skills and engaging in outreach activities.

ARCHER Champions Workshops

Hartree, STFC : 26th-27th June 2017

The next ARCHER Champions will be held at the Hartree Centre, STFC on 26th - 27th June. It will be a lunchtime-lunchtime meeting with an evening meal on the Monday evening. We thank Hartree for agreeing to host the meeting.

Registration for the workshop is now open.

The evening meal will take place at a Turkish restaurant a la turka in Stockton Heath which is a short distance from Hartree.

There are small nearby hotels in Stockton Heath, and other hotel options include

This will be a joint Tier 1/Tier 2 Champion workshop and the timetable is available.

Bursaries are available to cover reasonable travel and accomodation costs. If you would like to apply for a bursary,please contact the ARCHER helpdesk.

Leeds Workshop : 10th February 2017 (co-located with hpc-sig).

  • All of the material covered during the Leeds workshop will be available here (talks will be added as we receive them from contributors).
  • A summary of the Leeds workshop will be available shortly.
  • A summary of the Leeds workshop is available.

Oxford Workshop : 5th-6th September 2016.

Edinburgh Workshop : 16th - 17th March.

Current ARCHER Champions

If you would like to be put in touch with a local ARCHER Champion, then please take a look at the list of current Champions and find a local name and then send an email to ARCHER helpdesk and we can pass your details along.