ARCHER Champions: Edinburgh 9th May 2019

All of the material from the Workshop is available here.


Title Description Date
Welcome and Objectives for ARCHER Champions
Alan Simpson Slides
HPC Site Updates
Isambard James Grant (Bath) Slides
Jade Ian Bush (Oxford) Slides
Cirrus William Kerr (EPCC) Slides
Thomas Heather Kelly (UCL) Slides
DiRAC Mark Filipiak (EPCC) Slides
HPC Midlands+ Aaron Turner (Loughborough) Slides
HPC Landscape
ACF Update
Calum Muir (EPCC) Slides
Transition between ARCHER and ARCHER2
Alan Simpson (EPCC) Slides
UKRI Roadmap
Josephine Beech-Brandt(EPCC) Slides
HPC Europa
Catherine Inglis(EPCC) Slides
Lightning Talks
I/O Observation on ARCHER: System call Profiling
Harvey Richardson (Cray) Please email for Slides
Analysis of parallel I/O on ARCHER using Cray's LASSi and EPCC SAFE
Stephen Booth(EPCC) Slides
LAMMPS Optimisation on HPC Midlands+
Feng Chen (Loughborough University) Slides
Interactions of Bovine Serum Albumin and Lysozyme with negatively charged silica surfaces - simulation and experimental approach
Karina Kubiak-Ossowski (Strathclyde) Slides
Convergence of HPC and AI
Paul Graham(Nvidia) Slides
Installation of Catalyst System
Daniel Gleed(EPCC) Slides
Curiosity in Research
Jo Leng(Leeds) Slides