ARCHER Champions: Hartree, STFC 26/27th June 2017

All of the material from the Workshop will be available here.


Title Description Date
Welcome and Introductions
Alan Simpson Slides
Benchmarking (KNL, ARCHER, I/O)
Andy Turner Slides
Novel User Engagement
Clair Barrass Slides
Lightning: EPSRC Update
Eddie Clarke Slides
Lightning: Hartree Centre
Alison Kennedy Slides
Lightning: Ambassador Pack
Lorna Smith Slides not yet available
Lightning: ISO 9001
Alan Simpson Slides
Tier 2 Updates
Christopher Woods, Twin Karmakharm, Andy Turner, Heather Kelly, Filippo Spigam, Keith Evans Slides
High Speed flow dynamic research through high-order numerical simulation on ARCHER
Jian Fang Slides
Discussion Session
Alan Simpson (Moderator) Slides