ARCHER Champions: Leeds February 10th 2017

All of the material from the Workshop is available here.


Title Speaker Links
Welcome to Leeds
Alan Simpson, Alan Real Slides
Tier 2 Centres
Each Centre gave a brief presentation (machine, RSE Support, training, access mechanisms) followed by Tier 2 Champions Scheme
Andy Turner (Cirrus), Paul Richmond (Jade), Filippo Spiga (Pete-5), Hather Kelly (Thomas), Steven Kenny (HPC Midlands Plus), Christopher Woods (Isambard) Slides
SAFE for Tier 2
Stephen Booth (EPCC) Slides
Training across Tier 1 and Tier 2
David Henty (EPCC) Slides
US Academic HPC: a Changing Landscape
Rajendra Bose (Columbia University) Slides not yet available
Focus Discussion Groups Facilitator / Scribe
RSE Support
Alan Simpson Ad-hoc Notes
David Henty Ad-hoc Notes
Access Mechanisms
Andy Turner Ad-hoc Notes
Stephen Booth Slides
Lightning Talks
NCAS, Computational Modelling Services
Annette Osprey (NCAS, University of Reading) Slides
Kieran Leach (EPCC) Slides
Martin Callaghan (University of Leeds) Slides not yet available
Academic and Research Computer Hosting Industry and Enterprise in the West of Scotland
Karina Kubiak-Ossowska (University of Strathclyde) Slides
ARCHER Reporting
Josephine Beech-Brandt (EPCC) Slides