ARCHER Champions: Manchester, MoSI 25th April 2018

All of the material from the Workshop will be available here.


Title Description Date
Welcome and Introductions
Alan Simpson Slides
MOOC and On-Line Training
David Henty Slides
I/O Observation on ARCHER
Harvey Richardson, Karthee Sivalingham, Cray Slides not available
I/O Benchmarking across Tier 2
Adrian Jackson Slides not available
Tier 2 Updates
Christopher Woods, Bristol Slides
Lightning: QuEST and the importance of the interconnect in large scale quantum circuit simulatiobn
Ania Brown, Oxford Slides
HPC Power Monitoring
Daniel Gleed, Criag Manzi, EPCC Slides not available
Lightning: So you've forgotten your Supercomputer
Mike Croucher, Leeds Slides not available
Lightning: ISO 9001 and ISO27001 at EPCC
Alan Simpson Slides
Lightning: Research Computing and Imaging
Jo Leng, Leeds Slides not available
Lightning: Paved with good intentions
Manos Farsarakis, EPCC Slides
Futures: ARCHER2
Eddie Clarke, EPSRC Slides not available
Futures: E-Infrastructure
Josephine Beech-Brandt, EPCC Slides
Futures: eCSE
Lorna Smith, EPCC Slides not available