UK Consortium on Mesoscale Engineering Science (UKCOMES)

Mesoscale problems involve scales between micro- and macroscales, which often lie at the interfaces between engineering and sciences. UKCOMES brings together experts from many disciplines to make critical developments in mesoscale modelling and simulation while exploiting today's and future high-end computing (HEC) architectures. Seven workpackages are established to study various aspects of mesoscale phenomena and develop the relevant simulation approaches with a focus on the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM). In-house codes will be used for development work while state of the art models and algorithms will be implemented into the open-source DL_MESO software suite for worldwide distribution.

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Consortium Head Prof. Kai Luo
ARCHER CSE Consortium Contact Dr Rupert Nash

Software Development

Below are a list of eCSE projects (ongoing and completed) involving consortium members, or codes which are used by the consortium: