Embedded CSE (eCSE) support

Applications developed in eCSE projects to date

Application Research Area Funded eCSE projects
ADDA Earth Sciences and Environment eCSE07-12
BGS Global Geomagnetic Code Earth Sciences and Environment eCSE10-12
CASTEP Materials Science/Chemistry eCSE01-017, eCSE02-9, eCSE04-10, eCSE08-10, eCSE10-10, eCSE11-7, eCSE11-17
CESM Climate/Earth System Modelling eCSE01-016
ChemShell Materials Science/Chemistry eCSE08-14
CFD2LCS Engineering (CFD) eCSE04-14
CGPACK Engineering (Finite Element) eCSE05-5
Code_Saturne Engineering (CFD) eCSE04-13, eCSE10-1
COSA Engineering (CFD) eCSE03-2
CP2K Materials Science/Chemistry eCSE03-11, eCSE06-6, eCSE08-9, eCSE13-17
CRYSTAL Materials Science/Chemistry eCSE04-16, eCSE09-19
DCPROGS Medicine and Life Sciences/Chemistry eCSE05-6
Delta Medicine and Life Sciences/Chemistry eCSE12-4
DL_MG Materials Science/Chemistry eCSE01-004, eCSE07-6
DL_MONTE Materials Science/Chemistry eCSE04-4, eCSE11-3
DL_POLY Materials Science/Chemistry eCSE01-019
dolfin Engineering (Finite Element) eCSE03-10
dolfin-adjoint Engineering (Finite Element) eCSE02-3
DualSPHysics Engineering (CFD) eCSE07-16
EDAMAME Physics (Optics) eCSE04-3
EIT-PEITS Engineering (Finite Element) eCSE13-11
ELMM Engineering (CFD) eCSE05-14
EMPIRE Climate/Earth System Modelling eCSE06-8
EPOCH Fundamental Physics eCSE03-1, eCSE13-19
ExaHype Engineering and Energy eCSE12-4
FEniCS Engineering (Finite Element) eCSE09-04
FHI-Aims Materials Science/Chemistry eCSE01-018
Fluidity Engineering (CFD) eCSE01-009, eCSE03-7, eCSE05-8, eCSE06-1
GS2 Plasma Physics eCSE02-8
Hetdcopter Multi-Block Engineering (CFD) eCSE05-4
HemeLB Medical Science eCSE01-010, eCSE03-13, eCSE11-9
HYDRA Engineering (CFD) eCSE12-20
Imcompact3d Engineering (Finite Element) eCSE10-2
ISPH3D Engineering (CFD) eCSE01-003, eCSE06-9
LAMMPS Materials Science/Chemistry eCSE04-7, eCSE05-10, eCSE08-3, eCSE12-9, eCSE13-20
LESsCOAL Engineering (CFD) eCSE05-13
libsupermesh library Mathematics/Computer Science eCSE03-8
LISFLOOD, LSDTopoTools, LibGeoDecomp Earth Sciences and Environment eCSE12-17, eCSE13-21
Ludwig Soft Matter Physics eCSE01-002
MIST library Medicine and Life Sciences/Chemistry eCSE08-20
MITgcm Climate/Earth System Modelling eCSE03-9
MONC Climate/Earth System Modelling eCSE05-12, eCSE12-10
NAMD Chemistry eCSE03-3
NAME Earth Sciences and Environment eCSE09-10, eCSE13-13
Nektar++ Engineering (CFD) eCSE02-13, eCSE12-20
NEMO Climate/Earth System Modelling eCSE02-17
ONETEP Materials Science/Chemistry eCSE01-004, eCSE02-15, eCSE07-6, eCSE08-15, eCSE09-6, eCSE11-7
OpenFOAM Engineering (CFD) eCSE02-2, eCSE07-15, eCSE08-3, eCSE12-8
OPTIMET-3D Materials Science/Chemistry eCSE02-11
PANDORA Engineering (CFD) eCSE11-1
ParaFEM Engineering (Finite Element) eCSE05-5, eCSE06-4
ParaView Engineering (Visualisation) eCSE05-5
PETSc HPC (Scientifc Library) eCSE06-4, eCSE11-12
QSGW Materials Science/Chemistry eCSE01-005
SEMTEX Engineering (CFD) eCSE03-12
SENGA2 Engineering (CFD) eCSE10-5
Solvaware package Medicine and Life Sciences/Chemistry eCSE03-3
THeREMIN Optical Physics eCSE04-3
Time dependent R-matrix codes Optical Physics eCSE02-6
TPLS Engineering (CFD) eCSE01-008, eCSE08-4
UKRmol Materials Science/Chemistry eCSE01-013
UKRmol+ Materials Science/Chemistry eCSE01-013, eCSE08-7, eCSE13-14
VAMPIRE Materials Science/Chemistry eCSE07-9, eCSE13-7
VOX-FE Engineering (Finite Element) eCSE01-015, eCSE04-11
Xcompact3d Engineering (CFD) eCSE13-3
Zacros Materials Science/Chemistry eCSE01-001, eCSE10-8