KNL on ARCHER - Training and resources

1.1 Requesting access to the KNL on ARCHER



1.2 Virtual Tutorial: The Intel Knights Landing Processor

presented by Adrian Jackson of EPCC

This webinar focuses on the architecture of the KNL processor, including details of its new high-bandwidth memory and a discussion of how best to use all of the 250-plus possible threads of execution in real applications.
The webinar should be of interest to anyone considering porting applications to Knights Landing.



  • Slides which give an overview of the hardware and introduction to how it can be used


1.3 Virtual Tutorial: Using KNL on ARCHER

presented by Adrian Jackson, EPCC and Harvey Richardson, Cray CoE on Wednesday 12th October.

This webinar, which followed on from the previous KNL Overview webinar, focuses on how to use the ARCHER KNL system in practice.




1.4 Training Course: Using Knights Landing manycore processors on ARCHER

This was a one day training course that focused on the KNL hardware, explained how to use the various new features it presents, and how to access and use KNL processors through the ARCHER service. It included a number of hands-on practical sessions. Training materials including slides, source code and exercise sheets from the practical sessions are available at this location