Hands On Introduction to HPC

Dates: 1-2 March 2018

Location: Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh


In view of the continuing bad weather conditions, and the Met Office snow warning which has now been extended into Friday morning (Amber alert), we have taken the decision to CANCEL the Hands-on Introduction to HPC course completely.

We hope that this will provide clarity, particularly for those who need to travel.

We will try to rearrange the full two-day course for sometime in the near future and everyone who had registered for this run will be given priority access to the re-scheduled run.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused but the safety of everyone involved must remain the priority.

Note: these draft materials are based on a previous run of the course and may be updated prior to this run.

Lecture Slides

Day 1

Day 2

Course Chat


The Chat page is a live collaborative online document which we will use to share links, information and comments. All course participants are encouraged to contribute.

Exercise Material

Exercise 1: Sharpen

Exercise 2: Fractals

Exercise 3: CFD

Interactive Access

If you are having to wait a long time for jobs to run, you can try following these instructions to gain direct interactive access to an ARCHER node.