Introduction to F95

This course provides an introduction to Fortran 95, which contains many powerful features that make it a suitable language for programming scientific, engineering and numerical applications. Familiarity with a Unix or Linux environment is assumed. The course is open to all, but is mainly targeted at existing ARCHER users.


Fortran 90/95 is a modern and efficient general purpose programming language, particularly suited to numeric and scientific computation. The language offers advanced array support, and is complimented by a wealth of numerical libraries. Many large scale computing facilities offer heavily optimised Fortran compilers, making Fortran suitable for the most demanding computational tasks.

Topics include: fundamentals, program control, input and output, variables, procedures, modules, arrays.

Intended learning outcomes

On completion of this course students should be able to:

  • Understand and develop modularised Fortran programs.
  • Compile and run Fortran programs on ARCHER.


The are no prerequisites for this course, although a familiarity with a Unix or Linux environment is assumed.


Details are subject to change, but start, end and break times will stay the same.

Day 1

  • 09:30 LECTURE: Fundamentals of Computer Programming
  • 11:00 BREAK: Coffee
  • 11:30 PRACTICAL: Hello world, formatting, simple input
  • 12:30 BREAK: Lunch
  • 13:30 LECTURE: Logical Operations and Control Constructs
  • 14:30 PRACTICAL: Numeric manipulation
  • 15:30 BREAK: Tea
  • 16:00 LECTURE: Arrays
  • 17:00 PRACTICAL: Arrays
  • 17:30 CLOSE

Day 2

  • 09:30 PRACTICAL: Arrays (cont'd)
  • 10:15 LECTURE: Procedures
  • 11:15 BREAK: Coffee
  • 11:45 PRACTICAL: Procedures
  • 12:45 BREAK: Lunch
  • 13:45 LECTURE: Modules and Derived Types
  • 15:15 BREAK: Tea
  • 15:45 PRACTICAL: Modules, Types, Portability
  • 17:30 CLOSE

Course Materials

Slides and exercise material for this course will be available here.


The course will take place at University College London in ISD training room B07 in 1-19 Torrington Place, WC1E 7HB
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Information about the location of the training room is available at

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